A Moments Thought

It doesn’t matter what I think, or what anyone else thinks.

At the end of the day, you will make the decisions and they will be the right decisions.

The right decisions for you at that time.

Even if you can see there was a better way!!.

Your decision is right!

The alternative, is to procrastinate, and to do nothing, this is tantamount to failure!

So to never fail, understand and remember, you are your greatest protector, and you are responsible for yourself.

You can and should feel comfortable asking for help or advice.

Just understand, it’s your decisions that are always right.

You may need to remember that better way, and see if it applies next time.

For now, the past is always the past!

You can’t change it, however, you can bring the best parts with you, while you leave the worst behind.

A Natural War

It is not a life long struggle, but, a life long commitment to expose evil, providing us with the knowledge that good not only exists, but can also prevail everyday.

It is only our belief in each other, our commitment to each other, which allows us to find the balance we require.

We rightly despair in the pain of others, for it is that pain and despair, which provides us with the power to recognise and defeat evil.

Individuals should judge themselves first, then, they should stand with their neighbour, be vigilant, and deny evil the footing it grants itself to walk beside us unseen until as a deceiver, it is exposed.

So it is that each of us knows who we are. If you have judged yourself a good person, let your focus not be on yourself, look outward, feel the pain of others, and defeat evil by standing as one, even when you are alone.

This war will never be over, evil will always exist, but together, we can create a better and brighter future for good, and force evil back into the darkness and loneliness where it belongs.

When you recognise evil in any form, do not take revenge, do not allow it to deliver guilt upon you, rather, expose it to the world and rejoice in its loss and the worlds gain against it.

Good people will never truly stand alone, I stand with you for eternity.


I never knew, I never understood just how unwanted I was. I was cast aside as an uncontrollable child, I was a liability that stopped my mother from having the freedoms she never had as a young woman.

I can understand to a certain degree, it would have been hard to have 4 children, an abusive husband, while still trying to remain young and free.

As a young child I can remember the fights they had, I can remember them both drinking heavily, the problem was they liked to argue, and my mother would push and my father would punch.

Nothing was right about either of them, my father had no self control as a drunk, I hate drunks, I can’t stand being around them.

My mother had no moral compass and slept around, giving birth to her fourth child who was from another father.

He is still my brother thou, and I love him and have never seen him as any less of a brother because of her indiscretions.

This is about me thou, this is about me trying to gain a life, that as a child I was denied. There are so many people to blame, so many people who made me who I was then, and who I have become today.

While my parents both had their faults, and had no right having children in my opinion, they only build part of the road I was ultimately to take.

Both of them were wrong, no man should hit any woman, and no woman should ever marry a man if they are not prepared to fully commit to them and most of all their children, the innocent victims of human emotion.

He was wrong, but I can understand how finding you wife in bed with another man may destroy you, but he should have just left her!

Today I received the records of my court hearing that had me placed into a boys home, after my mother had married for a third time.

Not only did she completely skip over the fact that she had a second husband, she neglected to mention, that her third husband, was a friend of her second husband, that she was having an affair with while he was at work in the army.

She painted me as the most evil child and I’m devastated.

She stated that when I was 4. I said while she was being bashed, “give her one for me dad” what the fuck!! This was the 60’s we had just gotten tv in Australia, and I don’t think we even had a tv when I was 4.

Where would a 4 year old even find those words in the 60’s, how could a 4 yr old even string that together and understand what they were saying?

If I did say that, I should have been removed from that home immediately, sent to a shrink and my few years on this earth analysed to death.

My memory of their fights were that we would be crying, cowering in a corner of our bedroom, I can’t even imagine or see myself in any other situation, let alone taking joy watching my mother being abused.

The prepared statement by a social worker at the court, had painted me so poorly, and I can not believe they accepted her lies.

I was struggling before I received the file, and now I’m feeling so sick.

I had made 4 hours of recordings prior to receiving the file to try and sort out memories into a time line.

I had come to the conclusion then, that I was not uncontrollable, I was unwanted given the number of places she had dumped us all over the years since ending her second marriage.

This document only confirms that for me!

I’m so unhappy, and while I will continue to do my best to be the best person I can be, and survive the nightmares I have endured at the hands of so many, I can’t help but wonder if I should ever have been born.

I apologise to anyone who reads this. I don’t mean to keep trying to look like a victim. I seek nothing but peace while hoping that writing something, will help me at sometime in the future.

I know I’m now in control and I just need to learn how to maintain that control so I can exist as a normal person.

It’s A Hell Of A Place

If you believe there is a Hell, I would suggest that you should also believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa clause.

Hell is just part of the God construct, a fear mechanism to try and make humans do the right thing.

It’s testament to how poor we are as a life form, that we need to create these constructs to maintain control, and they do not work!

While it would be nice to think that those who hurt me and have passed away, went to hell, I can’t, because I know I’m my heart it’s not true.

I also know that they will return, they will still be dark souls, and all I can hope is that they will never be in positions to hurt others again.

While I truly respect those who have faith in one God, and believe he cast his favourite angel from heaven to rule over the underworld, it holds no semblance of truth for me.

While America, The Catholic Church et.al. hide the truths of the world of science and religion, I can never give credence to their views.

I would truly love to believe that evil is contained once it has passed on, however, there are known cases of reincarnation, of soldiers who died in battle being known by their new child host. It may well be that the innocence of a child can much more readily connect with their past life?

Our souls are precious, strong, and indestructible vessels that carry information from the dawn of time.

Most people would never know who they were in a previous life, but the information carried on may provide subconscious guidance right throughout their life.

Unfortunately, the information of those who have strayed from the kind and loving path that we would all like to be on, may only allow them to be more evil in the next life. I won’t say that this is always going to be true. I don’t believe there is no chance of change, or redemption if you like.

It’s entirely possible that the evil perpetrated in one life becomes a conduit for good in the next.

I can only hope that this is a truth that could be a reality, for if it’s not, I fear there is little hope for the future of our beautiful world.

Right now in 2018, the world is in the grip of more corruption than ever seen before. It’s as if more dark souls from the past have been returned at the same time, or more good souls have been corrupted.

That’s not to say that there are no beautiful souls on or planet, it’s just that there seems an imbalance in the power positions of life, and society in general.

It’s also possible that beautiful souls of the past, corrupted today, will ultimately become dark until the world comes to a point where we see one of the most destructive periods ever known to man.

I don’t profess to know everything, I have my beliefs, and I have the same knowledge that everyone else has.

I see the changes in weapons of mass destruction, the greed that surrounds us within governments and corporations, the willingness of world leaders to watch millions die of illness and hunger.

I see all this and combine it with the evil that has touched my life and I wonder.

I will not hold up a sign that says the end is nigh, what I will do is be the best person I can be as an individual, in an attempt to balance the evil we see in our society. It’s truely all any of us can do.

Peace be with us all, may our future be filled with beautiful souls.

Random memory of an email scammer

Do you know how it is to always question yourself? Ask why you did something or tell yourself you will never do it again?

I’m sure everyone has at some point. The real question is, did you listen?

It really is in the nature of humans to question themselves more than they question others, and I’m wondering why!

Are we really that insecure with who we are, or is there something much bigger at play. I think that trust plays a big part in the equation. It’s much easier for the average person to trust someone else, especially if it’s an area that your not familiar with.

Maybe this is why so many are caught off guard when it comes to internet scams. Seriously, I get the emails just like everyone else and I wonder, are the scammers complete idiots to think that anyone would fall for this rubbish, or are those who do just plain stupid.

It beggars belief that anyone could believe that a dude in Nigeria has just died and his widow or crooked lawyer needs someone to help them get money out of the country, while being willing to give them a couple of million dollars to do it.

Bonus hey? and all you have to do is send them all your personal details so they can make it happen.

I played the game once just out of interest, I had a bank account with nothing in it, I literally had nothing to loose other than my name and fake date of birth!

I had been following the Nigerian email scams for awhile, so I knew there was not going to be any money being transferred into my account, and I knew that eventually there was going to be a fee to be paid that they just couldn’t do because they were being watched or some other lame reason.

So off I went, I replied with the urgency that was required, and the willingness to make sure the crooked Nigerian Government never got their hands on a dime. I must have sounded super excited because in less than an hour I received a reply.

Thank you it said, I knew you would be the one to help me. I laughed as I sent my details through.

I was a little stressed when I never received an immediate reply this time. Instead they waited three days, probably to make it look like the wheels turned slowly in Nigeria.

Their reply did arrive thou! and to my surprise there was a problem. I had to fly to Amsterdam to pay a fee at a clearing house and to pick up a bank cheque or check if your American.

This was an interesting twist I must say, so I shot an email off to advise them that I was 100% willing to fly to Amsterdam but would require my ticket to be business class as I had long legs!!

In less than an hour it was made clear to me that I had to buy my own ticket. Well that wasn’t really fair, I was the one doing all the extra long leg work.

They had already sent me the name of the clearing house and I had done my due diligence and googled the hell out of that information. It really existed, and was also mentioned in a couple of cases where people had actually flown to Amsterdam only to be beaten up, their money and anything else they had stolen, and stranded.

I could not believe that anyone had been so gullible, seriously!

So I shot off another email stating that I would need a few days to raise some funds for my ticket and to get the $4000 US dollars together. Of course I had my fake passport but I would need to get a visa to travel.

They were ecstatic, they had me on the hook for sure, and were going to be able to sucker this fool out of his money 😛 .

I never replied until they sent another email about two weeks later, “please sir, have you been able to secure your visa and the fee that needs to be paid?” Well of course I have, they are in my safe with my golden goose and magic beans I had stolen from jack I thought.

I shot off a reply advising that my visa had just been approved, and I was ready to book a ticket as soon I was sure they were ready for me.

“Fantastic” they replied with a lot of enthusiastic rhetoric advising that they would make the transfer to Amsterdam that very day and send me the required paperwork for the clearing house.

I replied joyously, telling them how happy I was that I would not only be making a lot of money, but providing a great service in helping them deprive a crooked government of money that was never theirs.

The next day I received an email with the worst looking attached documents you could ever imagine, but not to be deterred I replied within hours advising the flight I was booked on and it’s ETA.

Again they replied with joy, assuring me that I would be met at the airport, I was to look for a man and a woman holding a sign with my name.

Excellent I replied, knowing full well that I would not be flying anywhere. and so I waited.

The day of my arrival passed and that evening I received an email asking if there was a problem? Yes yes I replied, I have been detained in Singapore due to an issue with my visa but expected to be back on track the next day.

“Please advise us when you will arrive” along with how urgent it was that this money be moved ASAP.

I emailed again the next day, “I apologise, the problem has been fixed and I shall land at Schiphol Airport at 11pm”.

Their reply was less than joyous, “Thank you we shall have someone pick you up from the Airport. Please let us know if any further delays so they are not waiting”

At this point I had played enough, I was not going to get much more joy from stringing these criminals along. Obviously my plane landed, I was not onboard!

I received no further emails from them, but have had many similar to the first I received, again, I can not believe how anyone can get caught with this type of scam. It’s just too obvious that nobody in their right mind would think that they could get away with it.

Even if it was legitimate, any deposit to an account over $10,000 is reported to the government. How could you not get caught?

God or Not God that is the question!

How we have misinterpreted the term God! A term that was created, in a time when the only thing that mattered on the earth, was power.

It was around long before the son of God as we know him. It was used for centuries to give power to the elite and raise fear amongst the poor.

If you look back through history, the term ‘God’ was used by every powerful society to control its population, and if you think Jesus was the first earth bound child of a God, then you’re mistaken.

In the scriptures we accept today, we were created in the image of God. I believe this to be incorrect, and literally backwards. In my world God was created in our image!

The power of God lays within each of us, we are the Gods, the Gods of our own destiny. We have the power to shape society into anything we want it to be.

Again, if you look through history you will see, by creating a God or Gods, it takes individual power away, or at least places limits upon it, allowing the social elite, Governments, corporations, and churches ultimate control, regardless of your religious beliefs.

In Ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, the Incan society’s etc.. they all had that one thing in common, they had Gods, not the God, not one God, but many Gods that were used to instill fear and control their people.

If you look at Germany during the Second World War, you would certainly say it was a godless country, the same can be said for many countries throughout time where the people were marginalised and corrupted, and the individual Gods were suppressed.

Of course the populous of the time, as would be the case today, trusted that an all powerful God would guide and protect them, yet so many perished with prayers on their lips.

Had such a powerful being just rejected them, or was he never there as they imagined?

Wait! I’m forgetting he works in mysterious ways right?

In modern day society, God is used in so many ways as a method of control, and justification.

The America dollar says “In God We Trust” trust for what? To not send you to hell for your greed?

It’s common to hear a politician say “May God Bless Our Troops” – really?

That’s the same shit every ancient control freak said about his troops, as they moved to rape, pillage and plunder another country or kingdom in a bid to expand, to have greater control.

The only difference between armies of the past, and today’s military, are the weapons they carry and the numbers they kill.

They still rape and pillage, only today they occasionally get caught and are held to account.

War crimes are certainly not an invention of modern society, we just call them crimes now, yet they continue to occur.

You can draw many parallels between history and modern society. The only reason we can actually survive, in most countries, is that at one time, some smart dudes realised that man was inherently evil – so they decided to put rules in place to limit or control those that would perpetuate evil acts. Did it work?

Still today God is used as a control, as a power play to maintain a narrative that is as old as the hills and to allow the most corrupt to thrive.

They say religion and politics do not mix, and they are correct. But if you bother to take notice, religion is so ingrained into our so called democratic system, that it makes no difference that the church, all churches, are actually representative of the minority, not the majority, of the worlds population.

There may well come a time when as humans, we understand who we are, what we are, and where we come from. We are in fact nature personified. Carbon, water, and electricity.

It’s my belief, and I do not take away anyone else’s right to believe whatever they like, but it is my belief that our subconscious mind is the key to everything. We are connected not only by the internet, but by an electrical current that binds us and gives us the power of one.

It is said that matter can neither be created and nor can it be destroyed, and in our death I hold this to be true.

The electrical current within all living things, is the key to where our souls go after our body’s have run out of time. It is the light that we see as we move from one plane to another.

I call it the ‘well of souls’, you may well call it heaven! It is the source of both evil and good, it will exist, and continue to provide souls for new life until the earth itself has run out of time. What happens then? Who knows, but we are certainly getting closer to finding out.

There is only one thing I know for sure, government structures of the past had no fear of the people because they controlled the Gods.

Governments in modern day society only partially control the God narrative, and know that to push the people too far or too hard, will ultimately result in an uprising, where we the Gods of this planet combine, and our power is without limitations when we stand as one.

They fear that which they can not control, so they use money, and resources to control us, rather than the fear of God.

May peace be with you and may one day, more of the worlds population lives in happiness, without hunger, without fear, and realise that they have the power, and the right to create, and enjoy a better life, rather than the minority that do today. 😌

Just thoughts that keep me from sleep.

When you have fought most of your life to maintain a blackout of earlier times, darker times, that caused you pain, it becomes difficult to make sense of it all when and if you need to in later years.

There are so many things I don’t want to remember, things I don’t want to drag from the past into the present. The problem is, if I don’t or can’t, then I may never find peace. So what to do?

I have never had to deal with this before, how do I even begin? How do I mentally deal with events from the past that were dehumanising to say the least. I have tried to stay in control of my thoughts and not let them be diverted or questioned, but here I’am questioning every thought I have, trying to break through brick walls that have been up for a long time.

There is no doubt that my experiences actually occurred. There is no doubt what occurred. The issue is when it occurred, getting a time line in the right order, that makes sense.

Things that occurred during my childhood were a nightmare, how do I even begin to reconstruct anything without reliving the pain?

I know that if I had not built my mental walls, I would never have survived, I would not have survived the events let alone the years to come. I never imagined that I would be in a position where I needed to work so hard, to struggle so much, to feel so bad again, just to hope for peace with my own mind.

It is a fact that I was not the only one to go through these events, I know that! But I’m not those other people, I’m me, I have a unique brain, a distinct personality just like everyone else. We are linked by the events that were out of our control, and I’m sure we all dealt with our emotions in very different ways at the time.

This is the problem, as much as we never spoke to adults about it at the time, we never spoke too each other either. We spent most of our time being the uncontrollable children we were told we were. It was shameful, even if they were shared experiences. It was not a topic of general conversation. While some things happened as a small group, other things happened as individuals, there were so many things in play at the time, I can’t even begin to explain.

Am I just thinking too much?

Trying to deal with the issue too fast?

Will everything just flood back in a rush that I may not be ready for?

I’m truly fear the answers. I feel like I have no control over the only thing I have controlled completely, for so many years.

I know this is a false feeling, in reality no one can take control of me ever again, it just can’t happen!

When I dare to look back over my life, the darkest periods certainly had their negative place, caused me a lot of stress, completely broke me as a human being, but I was able to push them back to where I needed them to be, back to a part of my brain that could never be breached, except it could.

I know there are ways to bring repressed memories back, and I can understand that for some people, this may be a good thing, but given the horror I know is there, is that a good thing for me?

I already live a life of both physical and mental pain, I live in a prison that I have created for myself, to protect myself.

What happens when my safe place is gone? Will I magically be able to rejoin the world as a normal person?

Right at this moment I don’t think it’s possible, maybe it will never be possible, and I don’t want to become a basket case again, and I’m struggling to understand how to move forward.

I’m waiting for documents that will give me a little more perspective, a little of the information I have suppressed maybe? photographs of people, and places all linked to certain periods in time, all linked to events that no human let alone a child should ever have to experience.

I’m sure they will do something, I’m just not sure what, and my imagination is running wild, not in a good way.

For a long time, I have had a major problem with how people perceive me. I can’t see that ever changing anytime soon.

I don’t deal with labels well, and while I love to write, this is not a subject I even like to think about.

I have one label that I can’t avoid people knowing about. It’s a label I get judged on all the time. Being on a disability pension, having a disability is hard, especially when I don’t look disabled. The press and even the government, suggesting people use the disability pension to get out of having to look for work, comes straight back on me too.

It’s a disaster when anyone asks “So what do you do”. There is no good answer in my mind, so they just get the truth.

While my PTSD is listed as one of my main disabilities, after 17+ years locked up in my home, I have developed many physical disabilities as well.

I suffer from unbearable physical pain from osteoarthritis in all my joints and back. I have suffered multiple heart Attacks, and to be honest I’m just waiting for the next one, and I’m not afraid of dying if it were to be the last.

I’m not a destructive person, I watch my diet as much as I can afford too, I do my best to walk to keep things moving, but it’s difficult.

Walking is both enjoyable and self inflicted carnage, I can push through the pain while I’m moving, but once I stop to rest, the pain intensifies so much it’s different to start again.

I have walked upto 24km approx 10 Miles in a day/night. It’s a slow walk and by the time I’m getting close to home again, my body is screaming, crawl you bastard while I’m screaming back NO!!

I wish more than anything that I could work, but my anxiety won’t let me, and my physical condition restricts me.

A position where I could work with minimal people around me, with no pressure to perform, and being able to achieve outcomes that make others happy would be perfect. I just don’t think that position exists.

I have tried teaching myself web design, but the software costs are prohibitive, and it keeps changing so quickly.

I have also found at times, that the internet becomes as stressful as a crowded room.

I know, I can’t see anyone, and they can’t see me, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference to my brain.

My last post told the story of how I finally broke for the last time, not that I wasn’t already broken, but at least I had the ability to control my mind a little better, to function at a higher level, I could even tolerate people, serve on boards and give speeches.

That all changed very quickly, and I don’t know how to go backwards, when I have always tried to push myself forward.

I started to write this post, to try and help me get rid of thoughts that won’t stop running through my head. It helped last night, so I thought I would try again.

it’s now 4:13am 5 hours since I took my medication and went to bed the first time. I need to try again, and will read this back in the morning, just Incase the stories not complete.

8:35am- some sleep is better than none right? I think I’m quickly starting to understand why some people drink, while others may use illegal drugs to devour their thoughts, to dull what must be some really painful shit in their lives.

I’m certainly guilty of judging people in that way. I don’t drink, not only because it gives me a headache, but also because I can’t stand drunks. Have I judged them too harshly? I can’t say I have never used drugs to dull my pain, but it’s only gotten to the pot stage, and even that doesn’t make me feel good anymore, so I don’t do it these days.

I have a very small circle of friends, ok it’s not a circle, more like a square. I really don’t deal with people well as I may have already said.

If I don’t feel comfortable around someone, even if I can avoid interacting with them, I tend not to allow them into that very small, squarish, Circle, that could be a triangle.

It probably can’t be any of those things in reality, even a circle needs a beginning and an end where at least one personal friend knows the other. Right?

It seems that I’m an avoider, probably a problem all of its own. I will avoid situations, places and people in a big way if I can.

It’s not even a case of if I can, the fact is I can. I make my decisions, and as selfish as it may seem, it’s the only way I can be comfortable with life.

I can only apologise to anyone who has taken the time to read this far. Crazy man alert or what!!

For those who stopped half way through, get stuffed. A totally irrelevant statement, given that anyone who never read this far will never see it.

I shall leave it as a testament to how crazy I really am, maybe my wife can use it in court someday to have me locked away. Although, it’s not totally untrue when I say, she is as mad as a hatter your honour.

That’s all you will ever hear of my wife on this blog. I need her to read this sometimes, she is my rational mind, can’t risk that!

Ok 9:31 and I’m too tired to even believe I’m making sense, I hope you totally enjoyed watching me go mad! I will try and be a normal person if such a thing actually exists, the next time I write, but for now you can just deal with it.


“I think that humans have a huge capacity to carry pain and sadness. There are things that haunt us our entire lives; we are unable to let them go. The good times seem almost effervescent and dreamlike in comparison with the times that didn’t go so well.”

Henry Rollins

People often misunderstand, avoid and judge others, simply because, they judge based on their own life experience.

I never intended to write this, however, I have in the last few days, began a process, that I can not stop.

Throughout my life, I hid my never ending thoughts. Some of the darkest truths that have caused me more pain than anyone, who has never been in my position can imagine.

Truths sometimes cause pain and shame that’s impossible to share!

I will not go into the detail of those truths, (maybe one day) those events that shaped my life.

Rather, I shall try and explain how my mind has protected and failed me.

Two hours ago I took, two sleeping pills, two Valium, and a couple of pain killers. I can’t sleep even with that cocktail of drugs.

When I have thoughts running through my head, and that’s Most of the time. I just can’t stop my brain from taking me into a narrative that is uncontrollable, painful, and destructive.

The things I protect myself from, are old issues, childhood issues, and some may say, ‘get over it’ However, I don’t think I ever will or can entirely.

understanding yourself can help, even when your innocent.

What I can do, and have done, is to see the issues in the purest form of truth, both from my side, and the side of darkness.

I find that with many things, there is always a reasonable thought process, that can reveal a less dark yet still disturbing truth, and that truth will always be on my side of the equation.

If I focus on the other side, the darker side, I can not control the situation in my mind. This causes me pain and will ultimately destroy what little sanity I still possess.

you can hide, be silent, but you can never escape the past

While for many years, i have had the ability to hide the darkness deep within, it was released by a simple comment, used to embarrass and humiliate me, by a person who had the power the responsibility, to minimise the damage caused to me on one occasion.

They never exercised that power at the time


Many years after, and recognising me, they chose to humiliate me, to watch me die inside as their words broke my heart and spirt. It was a second beginning of the end for me.

it destroys your soul when others take pleasure in your pain.

I tried so hard to brush it off, to use my mind to rationalise the fact that this person was not, and would not, play a part in my life after that moment but the damage was done.

I partially succeeded until a major disaster struck the business we had purchased from him, he was a person I did not recognise prior to taking over their business, a crossing of paths, I could never have anticipated.

some people want you to feel like this, then they have control.

Consequently , I had a breakdown, a major breakdown, that has been with me for so long now, I feel like I’m a prisoner in my own home. A scared little boy once again.

I feel afraid to participate in my community, and limit my interactions to when I have no other choice, could someone else recognise me?

The darkness stayed within me, and the lighter moments when I felt I could cope, diminished even more as time passed.

everyone needs support sometimes, but it can be hard to find.

I have always known that I needed support, that I needed to tell my story to someone, to drag the darkness out into the light and find a way to stop blaming myself for not being in control at the time. But I was a child, a bright child who could have had a bright future.

As much as I can blame others for inflicting pain, I have always also blamed myself for allowing them to do it.

I needed to find a way to make that stop, and just by chance, I was put in contact with a person that knows what happened, a person who cares, does not judge, and most of all I trust to listen to me.

I’m not sure if I’m being optimistic about the outcome, but I know I need to try, to unblock the tragic events I suffered.

It frightens me however. I fear the pain even more than I fear death, and the pain is never ending.

I don’t feel like I have a choice but to try, for myself, my family, and to try and stop this happening to others.

Its been a longtime, and I hope this is a step in the right direction. I know it will never be the life I deserved, but hopefully, a more peaceful existence, where I can once again begin to trust?!

Food!! Ketogenic? Paleo diet? Or Is There Another Option?

The world is running out of chocolate, and I don’t really care. I’m not a great fan of chocolate and never have been, but put a bowl of chocolates down in front of me and walk away, and you will probably return saying, “Dude where the hell did all the chocolate go”.

I’m one of those people that can easily avoid the sweet rush, and headache, that comes with eating too much chocolate, I just can’t help eating it, if I never paid for it.

Not really the point of this rant anyway. I have now twice watched the documentary ‘The Magic Pill’, and I believe what they are saying, and I have looked at the paleo diet as well.

The problem is, I think both the ketogenic, and Paleo diets go too far. I believe that we have been fed a load of BS as far as a low fat diet is concerned, but, I can’t believe that we should not eat grains, fruit or potatoes entirely.

‘The Magic Pill’ pushes a high fat low carb diet as does the paleo diet, however, they differ, in that the ketogenic diet says dairy is fine, paleo says no way!

Paleo says tubers are fine but no white potato, ketogenic says dump them all.

Both say no rice and a lot of other foods which I would think were ok in moderation.

The good ol’ white potato for example. I can understand from a scientific stance why they are bad.

If your starch intake is too high, the body transforms the starch into sugar, and if you don’t have a high energy lifestyle, the body then converts the excess sugar into fat.

That’s just basic science!!

I think the key here is moderation, with some exceptions, like vegetable oil and eww soy!

I don’t think we should be eating foods that have been grown in soil that was destroyed, and then chemically enhanced just to produce a crop.

I understand that some grain crops are pretty bad for this exact reason, but do they need to be?

What happened to the good science around crop rotation? Where you grew corn one year, grow something else the next. Like potatoes 🤣

It’s not a disputed fact that the soil needs moisture to be getting down into it properly and these crops just don’t allow that to happen.

The growing methods are destructive and have nothing that nature once put there to allow root systems to develop and water to get into the soil.

The bottom line is, industrial style growing methods do not work hand in hand with nature because of the natural pets ( or pests even) that come along with it.

Maybe we should just stop expecting everything to look so damn perfect.

Maybe, we should get back to our own gardens, and/or, community gardens.

Industry could certainly push this ideology and bring community gardens into their supply chains. While maybe even, giving something back to the community. I know I’m lmao too!! Never happen. Giving something back😆😂🤣

If we had enough small crops however, that worked with nature, could there not be enough ‘chemical free’ grains to supply our country’s needs?

I honestly don’t know. How many grains do we need and how many can each home grow?

It’s a bit like, every god damn house having solar panels to reduce carbon. Would it work, stuffed if I know, but I do know someone will want to charge a fee to know how much you put in Vs how much you used! Bastards!!!

I would like to think that as a community we could all share the profits, and benefits of our labour, while doing the right thing by the land, but we are talking about humans right!

Personally, I’m taking vegetable oils out of my diet and increasing the fat and fresh vegetables I eat, but I’m also still going to have my potatoes and an apple pie now and then. I’m also going to have Apricot pie and maybe even blueberry, all topped with fresh high fat whipped cream.

Just for those who say but the pastry.. screw you, I will use organic flour!!!

What I’m not going to do, is be stupid and have too much of anything in one sitting.

I’m going to give my body as much as it can pass out of my system in an efficient manner, according to the amount of exercise I can achieve.

I may not be able to eat McDonalds, KFC or Dominos pizza, but I’m sure their are places out there, who, will not just use vegetable oils and junk ingredients, just to make a better profit margin! Although I may be dreaming, in which case they can all burn in hell!!

It would be interesting to know what others think, so if you read this, hit me with your best shot.

I will probably hit right back given, that I have an answer for almost everything, other than is there a God. 🧐 Nah I know that answer too. 🤪

The Road To Riches

While it seems impossible to achieve a new social structure in this desensitised world, it could be possible with desire and overwhelming power of the majority of the population.

We could undoubtedly as a power force, achieve a new social construct that was not dominated by either corrupt government or big business.

Sounds easy when it’s just a thought in my head and I’m sure it sounds nothing of the sort when it’s being transferred into yours – but let’s say it’s worth reading anyway.

To frame this into a coherent fragment of what it could take to achieve, I shall undoubtedly make it sound more like a cult movement with every sentence, but would like to state right from the beginning that it would require democracy to be alive in its purest form (whatever that Is to you).

It’s a given that nothing in society can currently be achieved without working within the boundaries set by corporate giants and, our so called democratic governments.

Therefore, it’s going to take lots of money (everyone needs to send me ten dollars), and a room full of paperwork to even start to develop a new social construct that enables ordinary people – rather than the social elite and the government they forced us to elect – to begin the vast journey ahead.

For those who have the right not to cast a vote, I’m not talking about a system where voting is compulsory.

I’m talking about the limited number of candidates that are paraded before us, as our only choice to rule our lives for the next unlimited number of years (let’s just forget real numbers for now).

Is it really democratic to have a system where two parties control the future forever? I don’t think so!

Of course it’s all dressed up as a grass roots movement; displaying themselves as ordinary, everyday, down to earth citizens who all have a say in the parties ultimate direction (some of them may actually believe that too), and making you believe they are your sort of people.

Well that’s just the start of the bullshit political parties want us to swallow. They will undoubtedly canvas in great detail the issues that will tug on your heart strings, and those that will give you an extra $2.00 in your pay packet, while conveniently neglecting to tell you about the planned legislation that will further restrict your rights, or cost you an extra $5.00 to pay for their investment in an electricity network that you have been paying for on every increasing electricity bill you receive.

They seem to forget very quickly that the money they are playing with is our money and not theirs. They do less work every year, and take more money for doing it, while people go hungry and start to live on the streets, they once dreamed of owning a home on.

I would challenge anyone, to take a good look inside any political party, and find democratic processes that actually work for the majority.

They don’t exist, and the only way you can make them exist is to close your eyes and ignore the back room deals (not that you can see them unless your inside the back room), intimidation, and blackmail working within the parties, to say the least.

As a society we are screwed at all levels, especially when it comes to elections, and the influence big business has been able to develop, and maintain over the years to make sure it’s as hard as possible to have a working democratic government.

Therefore, to even begin to pursue a new democratic social construct, we need to first begin to build a new framework by which to govern and interact with each other, or to not interact with each other – if that’s what you personally desire.

We need a little less personal regulation; we certainly don’t need to be restricted, as much as we currently are.

We need more freedom to be who we really are (that’ll weed out those total jerks), and possibly some basic rules of engagement.

We may even need a judicial system, but we definitely do not need lawyers – unless the judiciary is as corrupt as the one we currently have.

I don’t know how many times I have heard people say they were innocent only to see them locked up, just to find out ten years later they actually were innocent. Oops! Our bad!

We need for corporations and governments to stop hiding the great ideas of our times that reduce the amount of capital expenditure our society is required to waste on products we are just going to waste anyway, like petrol and food (maybe we could waste a little less food and feed the world?).

It should be illegal, for these corporations and governments to hide away scientific discoveries that benefit society

It’s much more important to these greedy, power hungry leeches, and their bottom lines, to make sure we see nothing until the worlds oil and coal resources have been depleted.

We need all the inventions that would make petroleum products redundant, that have been snapped up by big oil companies, to find their way out of the closet, and let them minimise the industry that has actively assisted in the destruction of humanity since the start of the industrial revolution (maybe before but let’s just say it started there).

It’s socially backwards that you can invent a revolutionary product or process, only to have your intellectual property snapped up and hidden away, just so you can afford to keep researching.

It makes me wonder how many of our educational institutions are teaching only to sell their students intellectual endeavours (given that they own the IP of anything their students create while studying), just to grab a quick buck?

I know I had a drawing in grade two that went missing, and it was pretty good! What art collector has that stashed away? There were a few new basketballs in grade 3. Interesting!!

All governments should hang their heads in shame and stand aside, so that those of us with a social conscience can get it right for everyone and not just those who promise us a job at the end of our political careers. When did public service become the road to riches or has it always been that way?

Education Money And The New World Order

While the term New World Order has often been used with negative connotations, and used to deliver conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory, it is the positive values and possibilities that really need to be delivered.

A New World Order does not mean loosing all the good that has been created. It in fact means the complete opposite if the idea is developed in a constructive way with all the negative variables removed from society.

Education should not be dependent on a financial structure that holds the individual back simply because a particular school could no afford to fully develop a program due to government funding or social financial disparities.

All schools should and would be able to deliver programs to they fullest potential and engage students and teachers to deliver peak outcomes.

In a New World Order educators would not walk away from their profession simply because they were tied to poor outcomes due to both time and funding restrictions.

Students would not be passed through the education system without a complete understanding of their chosen subjects and tied to an outdated school system dictated by time restrictions.

There is no point and no reason to struggle through a school system only to come out at the other end without the basic ability to read and write, in-fact there is no reason to progress through a system arriving at a destination where you do not have a clear and enjoyable future in a field you completely understand.

The jobs of the future should not be just to struggle to own your own home, or buy your first car, they should not be staffed by people who took the job just because it payed enough to survive, or because they could tolerate it long enough to become financially independent in a stressful society.

They should be a positive experience that you enjoy and derive some personal satisfaction from.

They should be life experiences where you feel proud to be able to help others get enjoyment out of their lives, be it the beginning or the end, because thats just what we should do, especially after spending so many years learning how to do it.

They should be a positive benefit to our society with our social construct removing all the worlds negative energy from a place of dominance within our communities, to a place of non-existence.

The workforce of the future needs to be independent of financial reward as its reason for being and totally dependent on personal satisfaction as its ultimate reward.

Education is a key area of reform to deliver this within a New World Order and with this will come the removal of the “need” for material goods, as everything required should be available to everyone as and when it is needed, without the negative stress and undue pressures placed on an individual to have them.

You may read this and believe this is completely unrealistic, and it may be in todays society.

It’s unrealistic only because, none of us have lived in a society without being told what to do, when to do it, and how much it is going to cost to either do it of have it done.

As a result of this we live in a world where the person who tells us what to do, usually gets the credit for everything we do, and is paid ten times more just because we did it well.

If this is our idea of the perfect society, if the education we receive was not rushed, or poorly delivered because, funding was either not available or was not a priority in the time that you were educated.

Then we need to stop and think. Ask ourselves, could i we have been happier in society, if the system was the best it could be rather than the best it could be as cheaply as it could be.

While the focus here is education, the sub text is everything else but primarily Money, which has lead us to the reduction of everything we should be enjoying within society, to just what we can afford.

A finance driven society is a negative society, money creates most of the crime within our community and is the cause of more unhappiness than it could ever fix.

If we allow governments to continually attempt to be fix social issues with money, we are just continue to play into the hands of the wealthy elite, who strive to keep the majority of the world as slaves, producing more slaves, for a world that is here only to cater for the minority.

When, we have finally as a society finished laying the blame on the poor, who would not, or could not achieve a middle class existence, labelling them as a drain on our society, money will no longer be an issue because we will not be here to enjoy its chaos.

Change is obviously needed, just as it was needed last year and every year since cash was created.

Moving away from a system that has failed us more than once, and will continue to fail, until the planet fails us all, just as we are failing it, would probably be the smartest move society has ever made.

No society should need to be dependent on a financial system designed only to benefit the wealthy. No society in 2018 should still be described as developing, simply by having developing societies in 2018 should be screaming out that we have a broken system which has been broken since conception.

If you care, speak out now. Speak out for your children, your grand children. Speak out for the world that has struggled, just to get us to a point where we are intelligent enough to understand and correct our mistakes before its too late.

Speak out for a New World Order that changes the world for the good of all not just enslaves it even more, as the wealthy elite attempt to control the uncontrollable- reality!

Borders! Who needs them?

In the world as we know it today, we are restricted by poorly constructed imaginary standards that trap us and control our habits and movements.

Borders are one of these constructs that restrict our movement, while giving the falsely constructed premise of ownership and belonging.

In reality this removes our ability to self control, and move freely within lands which have since the beginning of time belonged to all mankind.

Borders allow the elite within society, to create division amongst the populous and divide, through ownership creating a class system, designed to maintain a lower class within society.

The middle classes, are primarily used as control agents, while being given the false hope of advancement, so as to maintain a workflow consistent with providing the top 5% of the worlds population, with enough growth to maintain superiority.

Advancement within the classes is an illusion, to maintain order, with a monetary system, designed to fail, whenever the glass ceiling has been broken, and classes begin to merge.

This social construct has been in place since the first borders were drawn, and ownership was claimed by the social elite, prior to most lands being discovered and their peoples enslaved.

Previously, the knowledge base of mankind was too low to consider a OneWorld social structure and was well on the way to becoming a tribal, feudal system, with borders being enforced by natural landscapes, providing benefit to the stronger societies ultimately leading to the first of many alliances required to survive.

Thus placing society on its original path towards the ultimate downfall and the social constructs of today.

In the New World Order borders will disappear with the freedom of movement restored and the restoration of nature through the complete sharing of natural and man made resources producing less waste, delivering the planet with a long needed respite from mans greed.

Society, has for many years, been at the point where we had the knowledge and the ability to exploit our planet for good, without exploiting each other, creating equality and dismissing the concepts of sex and race.

The de-establishment of wealth and privilege one key factor in creating a new world order where we can all live in peace and begin to develop the understanding of shared goals.

It is to our detriment, that in the current social climate and construct, that those who would believe they stand to loose the most from a one world system, obscure its benefits and true meaning, with the false promises of a better life under the current restrictive system, that will eventually cause the destruction of everything we have grown to consider positive about ourselves.

If a One World system is to ever be developed, it is up-to the majority to believe freedom and peace are not only possible, but the most desirable outcome for the future of us all.

Can the world change direction?

The concept of good and evil are archaic principles used in society over thousands of years to provide a standard of behaviour.

Good and evil, good and bad, right and wrong are all the same construct. The construct changes with the social context.

Religion introduced the concept of good and evil while society adopted good and bad removing the religious element for a much softer and broader use.

Right and wrong a stronger social legalised version creates a variation that removes itself from the religious connotations, a virtual separation of church snd state.

Over the years the use of all three have remained strong within their respective areas with lines becoming blurred as religion attempts to reassert itself into society in an attempt to establish greater control. This can be seen in all religions but, strongest within the catholic and radical muslin sects.

In the New World Order only right and wrong is important while religion pales into the background of society as people begin to redefine their definition of God as one within themselves, and the rule of law is administered in a much more simplistic fashion as society changes with the abolition of wealth and the need for self glorification through the creation of wealth by exploitation of others.

Fond Memories Of The Crazy Days

In Australia,we follow both British and U.S systems and traditions, and a few we have created all by ourselves.

Of course,we make the necessary changes so that they become what we consider workable within our society. This is well highlighted if you examine the history of our school system(s).

Our schools originally based on the British school system, have American influences that have crept in to create a mix of the two, producing the N.S.W system the QLD system etc etc etc.

An exception to this of course are private schools; which primarily held onto their British identity and traditions much longer than the public system and, to some degree still do, as far as the very generous government grants they now receive will allow.

As you would expect we pay more out of pocket expenses for our child to attend a public school than we did in the past.

For example,all I was sent to school with was a pencil case, a few exercise books and my lunch in a brown paper bag.

The biggest cost each year (that I can remember) was a new pair of shoes and a couple of uniforms along with the ugliest school bag ever, you know the bags that were real bags? The mini suit case people will now pay a fortune for as decorator items.

They say that ones mans rubbish is another mans treasure. Well, it also holds true for time as one decades junk is another decades gold. How many times have you heard, if only I knew then what I know now? And who has tried to impart that knowledge onto their children only to find their “junk” as trashed as yours was.

But I digress, my point was, under our school system when I was a child the government would supply, pencils; lead and coloured, rulers, text books (all of them) dictionaries etc etc.

The public service was a different animal back then too, and they never really got the hang of making sure supply controls were adequate; so many pencils were being used that they could have assumed some great works of literature were being scribed by half the children in the country.

There was no end to the supply; I know this because I was just one actively testing this by constantly requesting more and more. I’m sure that if you looked in my bedroom as a child I could have supplied a small school with pencils for at least a year or two.

This was not the only thing that amazed me, for every pencil had Commonwealth of Australia printed on it in gold lettering. Really? Was this necessary, cost effective, and, was their an inspector somewhere that was out checking for pens and pencils belonging to the government.

Did you notice I mentioned pens? Yep they were supplied as well just not to primary school kids but high school students and public servants were rolling in them.In fact I don’t think you could walk into the home of a public servant and not leave without a free pen when you were a kid in Canberra.

I can’t even imagine how much stationary costs were allocated in the federal budget each year however, It would have been enough to keep a number of companies alive and possibly became the foreign aid budget once the buy ya bloody own system was introduced, to claw back a budget deficit without raising taxes; which would have been much more unpopular. Although, there is always the possibility it was just revenge during a time when unions were at their strongest and demanding and getting greater pay rises. Now the unions are much weaker and it seems pay rises come when our biggest companies want us to pay more for everything.

The government continues to get its revenge on the generation of stationary thieves by making sure the book list is not only bigger each year, but also requires more exotic and specific items, apparently our children now need a scientific calculator and iPads in primary school!!

What was wrong with number blocks? I say bring back the abacus, and the sentence maker.

I must admit however I spent most of my time in maths asking why don’t they just teach us to use a calculator, which just goes to show I was way ahead of my time or possibly that the education department of today have only just caught up with the ideas of a primary school child of the 70’s. That one I will leave up to you to decide.

Needless to say under the now normal system my child has a collection of pencils, pens, calculators,etc that fills a large box, this does not include the old txt books and partially used exercise books that in my opinion were a just incase we can fit them completely into the curriculum items.

The fact is most of the work these days is done on work sheets downloaded while drinking a glass of red the night before and printed on the multiple reams of paper also purchased by us the parents.

I wonder just what the government does pay for, teachers wages that are obviously too low to keep the good teachers teaching, and maybe the electricity, and the odd new building and library book. However, I then have to wonder what the voluntary contribution and other fees are for? Is the government actually paying for anything other than the staff?

“The revolution” I now understand the education revolution, it’s a revolution against the people and the school system itself and it never started in the 21st century it just continued.

All it needed in the 21st century was new camouflage to convince the public they could continue to believe a quality education available to all; and they can, but what do we now call quality? Because I believe that has changed dramatically over the years.

I certainly hope that a move to create a national curriculum will be a move we can all be happy with. It will be interesting to see if it levels the playing field when funding individual schools, and allows teachers the freedom and ability to change locations and remain in an education system they are well trained for.

Honestly, the education system I went through was much better than is currently being delivered in the so called “age of technology”. And I believe in free pencils, pens and exercise books. I believe the gestetner machine was great at producing worksheets that were created with love and attention to detail, they smelt great and got me out of class on more than one occasion to turn the handle for the teacher.

I think it’s true to say that teachers enjoyed teaching much more in the past than they do today. I believe we have lost so much that was good in trying to prove that the next generation could run the system better, we need to admit they couldn’t, and take a few steps back.We need to get the older teachers back into the system that they created and ran so well for so many years.

What I believe is that we have created a situation, where we can never expect to go back to a place & time I thrived in. A place that needed the corruption fixed not the system. A place where I felt part of the future and not just a vision of the past.

Once They Were Good!

When does a child stop being that innocent little angel we love and adore so much?

Honestly I believe that once they have the ability to move independent of the parent that innocents heads for the door and keeps going until one day it walks out and says ” that’s enough, this ones the spawn of the devil” going down.

Ofcourse we will always love our children, and we will want as hard as we can to believe in their innocence. But does it wain at any time?

Could it be maybe the first time they bite another child to get that doll they wanted to play with quicker than it would otherwise have been offered? Or is that one of those times when we would say they have never bitten before maybe the other child did something to provoke them, yep that’s it, the innocents is still intact, and I’m a perfect parent, because Ofcourse everything my child does in life reflects my parenting skills and not the child itself or society right?

Ok so we still have the assumed perfect child only bitten once, phew, and after I apply my perfect parenting skills and explain how you should never bite, that will never happen again.

Woo hoo it’s a new day and everything other than my bank balance is perfect, my child is still an innocent little angel, and someone else has the devils spawn to deal with, until, you drop them off at day care and for god sake they are smiling, is that normal? Shouldn’t they be yelling and screaming that they want to stay with me?

However, they are so sweet, they give you a kiss and a cuddle and immediately run off to play with the other children including the devils spawn that made them bite the day before, who by the way has deliberately taken your child’s favourite doll again!!!

That afternoon you return, hoping and praying that they have had a good day as you walk through all the security gates in place to keep your little angel safe from harm, when unexpectedly the director starts to approach you, with a look on her face that would shatter anyone’s hopes and dreams of ever being able to return, and in the back of you mind your thinking “oh crap what now” while maintaining a perfect smile, ready to greet her, while willing something good to come out of her mouth.

As it turns out, and this is true by the way, your child has completely lost their moral compass by the age of 2 and has not only been to the staff room and eaten the directors lunch, but they have also been through her hand bag and taken anything that might have looked like a credit card just like daddy has.

Again you convince yourself that your child is still a little angel, how could they know that the staff room was not a place for them to be, and that other peoples property be it lunch or credit cards are not to be touched? The simple fact is, you just haven’t had that talk with them yet, it’s your responsibility as their parent to make sure they develop that moral compass, right?

I mean the number of times I have been with my child going through someone’s handbag taking credit cards just like their daddy’s was ummm zero, but that’s not the point, they have no way to know at the age of two.

If the director had been doing her job they would never have been able to be away from the group long enough to eat and steal/explore in a room that should have been locked. So now you have someone else to blame for your child being evil, and you can still get to sleep at night.

Many days and many incidents (about two weeks) and finally you are asked to remove your child, ” we just can’t cope with them, and they made one of or workers cry” (true story) and now you begin to wonder, what the hell is my child thinking, their not that bad at home, am I really a bad parent?

The next week you have them enrolled in a new centre, and all is good?? No one is complaining, no workers are crying, and everyone is telling you how perfect your child is.

Nah,I’ve picked up a look alike surly. And so it continues, with your little angel back with only the odd complaint as you would expect with any child, and you know that you are a good parent, until…..PRIMARY SCHOOL…

Omg how things change when the one on one has to be shared with twice as many children,
Forget the little angel, be prepared for every other parents lessons to be unleashed through their children as well as your own, and watch what comes out at the end of that. No matter how hard you try there are just some things that you can’t reverse once your child has been exposed, and if you do succeed to convince your child not to be like the others, you have just set them up to be bullied for the remainder of primary school.

It’s then that you realise that innocence is nothing more than an indicator of learnt behaviour and by the end of primary school, the only thing you can hope they haven’t explored is sex, but deep down you know that wether they have or haven’t, high school is just around the corner, and for some people, it may well be time to move so that you can get them into a school with a decent reputation. And so it was, but has it made any difference?

I don’t think so, because now it’s all big kids, and those behaviour issues that your little innocent angel only displayed at school for the most part, have come home and are hiding somewhere in the bedroom where they spend a great deal of time after telling you that the rapid clicking of the computer mouse was part or their maths homework and not them playing a game.

And so it continues, the struggle between good and evil, and the hope that at the end you will have beaten the devil and delivered them from evil for you are their parent (the good parent) forever and ever AMEN.

What The…..

Is it just me or is everyone in Australia being taken for a ride by the supermarkets?

They are so busy trying to build their corporate empires I don’t even think they know what their doing to the average family anymore.

Seriously, you can’t buy anything anymore at a reasonable price unless it’s been imported from China and the company selling it is owned by one of the major supermarkets.

Food,hardware,fuel,insurance,alcohol,stationery. Is there anything left? Have I missed anything out in my rant on the oligopoly of the century.

Seriously, I always thought that the government had the ability to make sure that competition was the corner stone of what we call democracy, but it seems I was wrong. The ACCC is still sitting there waiting to get past the all we can really do is threaten to slap you on the wrist. And no one is doing anything to stop the manipulation of the fuel market.

I would truly like to know who is paying who, for that set up to exist.

The fuel companies must be laughing all the way to the bank, well someone is and we seem to be paying for it.

What really makes me laugh while shaking my head is when I take a trip down the coast out of what we call our capital city, that is rated as a regional area, only to find that it cost the fuel companies less to get fuel to there while we pay 20 cents a litre more.

Ok so we now have Aldi, and they say that their plan is to continue to expand bringing greater competition to the market place, and that’s great however I have never been able to do a complete shop at an Aldi store.

Then I go to one of the majors picking up all the items not available at Aldi only to find that what I thought I had just saved money on, was cheaper there. Come on give us a break you sons of britches, level the playing field and stop making us walk uphill in the sun just to buy water.

We can’t forget ” bulk me up” Costco, our other American saviour?

Aside from the 60.00 to get through the door and go through a checkout, it looks great and is if your a family with 4 or more ankle biters so buying in bulk is worth it. Don’t even get me started on the pizza that won’t fit into a standard sized oven.

The sad reality is, most of us are stuck with Coles or Woolworths for the majority of the day to day items we need, unless we buy online and can deal with the fact that everything is imported from overseas and while most have the same name and design as our well known favourite products, they are not the same and in most cases have a flavour different to that which we are used to, there is also a ? Mark over the safety of some products as the conditions in which they are produced are not and will never be to the high standards we expect our manufactures to operate.

This along with the lower wages paid in some countries is why these products are cheaper, but not as cheap as they should be!!! Even woolworths and Coles have increased their lines imported into the country, but only those products they need to compete with from Aldi and Cosco would see a major reduction from the product now thrown away in Australia or just not grown anymore because farmers can’t compete, and processors have cut their quota because they can’t sell as much Australian product.

So what is the answer? We have tried food co-op’s but they just don’t make it as easy as we need it to be it our fast paced, two parent working families. I’m not saying they don’t still play a part in solving the problem, but I think it’s an option for a very small minority.

Do we wait for the government to realise that people just can’t afford to live anymore, and more and more are either going hungry or relying on charity’s like foodbank just to be able to have the basics?

The reality is, you need a combination of many solutions to survive, which completes the vicious circle, because it costs you more in fuel and time if you have either to do what you need to do and then you use that oh so generous discount fuel voucher which will save you 2-3.00 on a full tank of fuel.

I can see that a wall is coming, were something big is going to have to happen to relieve the pressure on us all, but what will it be and who is going to suffer the most before it ever gets any better?

In The Beginning…

In the beginning there was nothing. Or was there?
Of course if you believe god is great and controls everything, but has still given man
Or woman, the ability of free will, then it’s correct there was nothing.

The real question is why didn’t God stop for a minute and fix all that he had left broken?
As you may have assumed I don’t believe in a single God, and for those that do, that’s fine
whatever gives you a good nights sleep and as long as you don’t try to make out I’m a bad person because I don’t believe what you do, then I’m all for you having the right to believe.

One thing that you should not assume, is that I know nothing about your religion, I believe that the bible is and will always be one of the greatest works of fiction ever written. I don’t say that none of the people in it never existed, but. What I do say is that the stories are just that, stories passed down from generation to generation, written by one person only to be modified by another.

In this day and age we should understand that the people that existed 2000 years ago are nothing like we are for the most part. Their lives were dictated by superstition and fear of the unknown, so when something they could not explain occurred, they never had the tools or the mental capacity to reason it out to a reasonable conclusion.

In fact, even I can only make assumptions based on what I know about history, what has Been written by other people, people I didn’t know. What I do know for a fact is that in ancient times the world was not a democracy and religion was at war with both those that ruled and themselves. So much that was written by different sects within the church were destroyed and those who wrote it murdered in the name of god.

So what is the truth? Did the church destroy that which cast doubt on some areas of belief? Or was religion hijacked by “political parties” or was it just simply a way for the powerful to hold onto power. Who is controlling who,what and where?

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