In The Beginning…

In the beginning there was nothing. Or was there?
Of course if you believe god is great and controls everything, but has still given man
Or woman, the ability of free will, then it’s correct there was nothing.

The real question is why didn’t God stop for a minute and fix all that he had left broken?
As you may have assumed I don’t believe in a single God, and for those that do, that’s fine
whatever gives you a good nights sleep and as long as you don’t try to make out I’m a bad person because I don’t believe what you do, then I’m all for you having the right to believe.

One thing that you should not assume, is that I know nothing about your religion, I believe that the bible is and will always be one of the greatest works of fiction ever written. I don’t say that none of the people in it never existed, but. What I do say is that the stories are just that, stories passed down from generation to generation, written by one person only to be modified by another.

In this day and age we should understand that the people that existed 2000 years ago are nothing like we are for the most part. Their lives were dictated by superstition and fear of the unknown, so when something they could not explain occurred, they never had the tools or the mental capacity to reason it out to a reasonable conclusion.

In fact, even I can only make assumptions based on what I know about history, what has Been written by other people, people I didn’t know. What I do know for a fact is that in ancient times the world was not a democracy and religion was at war with both those that ruled and themselves. So much that was written by different sects within the church were destroyed and those who wrote it murdered in the name of god.

So what is the truth? Did the church destroy that which cast doubt on some areas of belief? Or was religion hijacked by “political parties” or was it just simply a way for the powerful to hold onto power. Who is controlling who,what and where?

2 thoughts on “In The Beginning…

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    1. I suppose, there was a time I believed, however, I would struggle to put an age as a point where I stopped. I also would not call myself an Atheist. Rather, I tend to put my faith in ‘Mother Nature’ as a guiding force, and term ‘God’ to the individual. I have a complete belief system, which revolves around the two concepts. Probably closer to pagan beliefs, something I have considered post adoption, just never subscribed too.


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