What The…..

Is it just me or is everyone in Australia being taken for a ride by the supermarkets?

They are so busy trying to build their corporate empires I don’t even think they know what their doing to the average family anymore.

Seriously, you can’t buy anything anymore at a reasonable price unless it’s been imported from China and the company selling it is owned by one of the major supermarkets.

Food,hardware,fuel,insurance,alcohol,stationery. Is there anything left? Have I missed anything out in my rant on the oligopoly of the century.

Seriously, I always thought that the government had the ability to make sure that competition was the corner stone of what we call democracy, but it seems I was wrong. The ACCC is still sitting there waiting to get past the all we can really do is threaten to slap you on the wrist. And no one is doing anything to stop the manipulation of the fuel market.

I would truly like to know who is paying who, for that set up to exist.

The fuel companies must be laughing all the way to the bank, well someone is and we seem to be paying for it.

What really makes me laugh while shaking my head is when I take a trip down the coast out of what we call our capital city, that is rated as a regional area, only to find that it cost the fuel companies less to get fuel to there while we pay 20 cents a litre more.

Ok so we now have Aldi, and they say that their plan is to continue to expand bringing greater competition to the market place, and that’s great however I have never been able to do a complete shop at an Aldi store.

Then I go to one of the majors picking up all the items not available at Aldi only to find that what I thought I had just saved money on, was cheaper there. Come on give us a break you sons of britches, level the playing field and stop making us walk uphill in the sun just to buy water.

We can’t forget ” bulk me up” Costco, our other American saviour?

Aside from the 60.00 to get through the door and go through a checkout, it looks great and is if your a family with 4 or more ankle biters so buying in bulk is worth it. Don’t even get me started on the pizza that won’t fit into a standard sized oven.

The sad reality is, most of us are stuck with Coles or Woolworths for the majority of the day to day items we need, unless we buy online and can deal with the fact that everything is imported from overseas and while most have the same name and design as our well known favourite products, they are not the same and in most cases have a flavour different to that which we are used to, there is also a ? Mark over the safety of some products as the conditions in which they are produced are not and will never be to the high standards we expect our manufactures to operate.

This along with the lower wages paid in some countries is why these products are cheaper, but not as cheap as they should be!!! Even woolworths and Coles have increased their lines imported into the country, but only those products they need to compete with from Aldi and Cosco would see a major reduction from the product now thrown away in Australia or just not grown anymore because farmers can’t compete, and processors have cut their quota because they can’t sell as much Australian product.

So what is the answer? We have tried food co-op’s but they just don’t make it as easy as we need it to be it our fast paced, two parent working families. I’m not saying they don’t still play a part in solving the problem, but I think it’s an option for a very small minority.

Do we wait for the government to realise that people just can’t afford to live anymore, and more and more are either going hungry or relying on charity’s like foodbank just to be able to have the basics?

The reality is, you need a combination of many solutions to survive, which completes the vicious circle, because it costs you more in fuel and time if you have either to do what you need to do and then you use that oh so generous discount fuel voucher which will save you 2-3.00 on a full tank of fuel.

I can see that a wall is coming, were something big is going to have to happen to relieve the pressure on us all, but what will it be and who is going to suffer the most before it ever gets any better?

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