Once They Were Good!

When does a child stop being that innocent little angel we love and adore so much?

Honestly I believe that once they have the ability to move independent of the parent that innocents heads for the door and keeps going until one day it walks out and says ” that’s enough, this ones the spawn of the devil” going down.

Ofcourse we will always love our children, and we will want as hard as we can to believe in their innocence. But does it wain at any time?

Could it be maybe the first time they bite another child to get that doll they wanted to play with quicker than it would otherwise have been offered? Or is that one of those times when we would say they have never bitten before maybe the other child did something to provoke them, yep that’s it, the innocents is still intact, and I’m a perfect parent, because Ofcourse everything my child does in life reflects my parenting skills and not the child itself or society right?

Ok so we still have the assumed perfect child only bitten once, phew, and after I apply my perfect parenting skills and explain how you should never bite, that will never happen again.

Woo hoo it’s a new day and everything other than my bank balance is perfect, my child is still an innocent little angel, and someone else has the devils spawn to deal with, until, you drop them off at day care and for god sake they are smiling, is that normal? Shouldn’t they be yelling and screaming that they want to stay with me?

However, they are so sweet, they give you a kiss and a cuddle and immediately run off to play with the other children including the devils spawn that made them bite the day before, who by the way has deliberately taken your child’s favourite doll again!!!

That afternoon you return, hoping and praying that they have had a good day as you walk through all the security gates in place to keep your little angel safe from harm, when unexpectedly the director starts to approach you, with a look on her face that would shatter anyone’s hopes and dreams of ever being able to return, and in the back of you mind your thinking “oh crap what now” while maintaining a perfect smile, ready to greet her, while willing something good to come out of her mouth.

As it turns out, and this is true by the way, your child has completely lost their moral compass by the age of 2 and has not only been to the staff room and eaten the directors lunch, but they have also been through her hand bag and taken anything that might have looked like a credit card just like daddy has.

Again you convince yourself that your child is still a little angel, how could they know that the staff room was not a place for them to be, and that other peoples property be it lunch or credit cards are not to be touched? The simple fact is, you just haven’t had that talk with them yet, it’s your responsibility as their parent to make sure they develop that moral compass, right?

I mean the number of times I have been with my child going through someone’s handbag taking credit cards just like their daddy’s was ummm zero, but that’s not the point, they have no way to know at the age of two.

If the director had been doing her job they would never have been able to be away from the group long enough to eat and steal/explore in a room that should have been locked. So now you have someone else to blame for your child being evil, and you can still get to sleep at night.

Many days and many incidents (about two weeks) and finally you are asked to remove your child, ” we just can’t cope with them, and they made one of or workers cry” (true story) and now you begin to wonder, what the hell is my child thinking, their not that bad at home, am I really a bad parent?

The next week you have them enrolled in a new centre, and all is good?? No one is complaining, no workers are crying, and everyone is telling you how perfect your child is.

Nah,I’ve picked up a look alike surly. And so it continues, with your little angel back with only the odd complaint as you would expect with any child, and you know that you are a good parent, until…..PRIMARY SCHOOL…

Omg how things change when the one on one has to be shared with twice as many children,
Forget the little angel, be prepared for every other parents lessons to be unleashed through their children as well as your own, and watch what comes out at the end of that. No matter how hard you try there are just some things that you can’t reverse once your child has been exposed, and if you do succeed to convince your child not to be like the others, you have just set them up to be bullied for the remainder of primary school.

It’s then that you realise that innocence is nothing more than an indicator of learnt behaviour and by the end of primary school, the only thing you can hope they haven’t explored is sex, but deep down you know that wether they have or haven’t, high school is just around the corner, and for some people, it may well be time to move so that you can get them into a school with a decent reputation. And so it was, but has it made any difference?

I don’t think so, because now it’s all big kids, and those behaviour issues that your little innocent angel only displayed at school for the most part, have come home and are hiding somewhere in the bedroom where they spend a great deal of time after telling you that the rapid clicking of the computer mouse was part or their maths homework and not them playing a game.

And so it continues, the struggle between good and evil, and the hope that at the end you will have beaten the devil and delivered them from evil for you are their parent (the good parent) forever and ever AMEN.

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