Can the world change direction?

The concept of good and evil are archaic principles used in society over thousands of years to provide a standard of behaviour.

Good and evil, good and bad, right and wrong are all the same construct. The construct changes with the social context.

Religion introduced the concept of good and evil while society adopted good and bad removing the religious element for a much softer and broader use.

Right and wrong a stronger social legalised version creates a variation that removes itself from the religious connotations, a virtual separation of church snd state.

Over the years the use of all three have remained strong within their respective areas with lines becoming blurred as religion attempts to reassert itself into society in an attempt to establish greater control. This can be seen in all religions but, strongest within the catholic and radical muslin sects.

In the New World Order only right and wrong is important while religion pales into the background of society as people begin to redefine their definition of God as one within themselves, and the rule of law is administered in a much more simplistic fashion as society changes with the abolition of wealth and the need for self glorification through the creation of wealth by exploitation of others.

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