Borders! Who needs them?

In the world as we know it today, we are restricted by poorly constructed imaginary standards that trap us and control our habits and movements.

Borders are one of these constructs that restrict our movement, while giving the falsely constructed premise of ownership and belonging.

In reality this removes our ability to self control, and move freely within lands which have since the beginning of time belonged to all mankind.

Borders allow the elite within society, to create division amongst the populous and divide, through ownership creating a class system, designed to maintain a lower class within society.

The middle classes, are primarily used as control agents, while being given the false hope of advancement, so as to maintain a workflow consistent with providing the top 5% of the worlds population, with enough growth to maintain superiority.

Advancement within the classes is an illusion, to maintain order, with a monetary system, designed to fail, whenever the glass ceiling has been broken, and classes begin to merge.

This social construct has been in place since the first borders were drawn, and ownership was claimed by the social elite, prior to most lands being discovered and their peoples enslaved.

Previously, the knowledge base of mankind was too low to consider a OneWorld social structure and was well on the way to becoming a tribal, feudal system, with borders being enforced by natural landscapes, providing benefit to the stronger societies ultimately leading to the first of many alliances required to survive.

Thus placing society on its original path towards the ultimate downfall and the social constructs of today.

In the New World Order borders will disappear with the freedom of movement restored and the restoration of nature through the complete sharing of natural and man made resources producing less waste, delivering the planet with a long needed respite from mans greed.

Society, has for many years, been at the point where we had the knowledge and the ability to exploit our planet for good, without exploiting each other, creating equality and dismissing the concepts of sex and race.

The de-establishment of wealth and privilege one key factor in creating a new world order where we can all live in peace and begin to develop the understanding of shared goals.

It is to our detriment, that in the current social climate and construct, that those who would believe they stand to loose the most from a one world system, obscure its benefits and true meaning, with the false promises of a better life under the current restrictive system, that will eventually cause the destruction of everything we have grown to consider positive about ourselves.

If a One World system is to ever be developed, it is up-to the majority to believe freedom and peace are not only possible, but the most desirable outcome for the future of us all.

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