The Road To Riches

While it seems impossible to achieve a new social structure in this desensitised world, it could be possible with desire and overwhelming power of the majority of the population.

We could undoubtedly as a power force, achieve a new social construct that was not dominated by either corrupt government or big business.

Sounds easy when it’s just a thought in my head and I’m sure it sounds nothing of the sort when it’s being transferred into yours – but let’s say it’s worth reading anyway.

To frame this into a coherent fragment of what it could take to achieve, I shall undoubtedly make it sound more like a cult movement with every sentence, but would like to state right from the beginning that it would require democracy to be alive in its purest form (whatever that Is to you).

It’s a given that nothing in society can currently be achieved without working within the boundaries set by corporate giants and, our so called democratic governments.

Therefore, it’s going to take lots of money (everyone needs to send me ten dollars), and a room full of paperwork to even start to develop a new social construct that enables ordinary people – rather than the social elite and the government they forced us to elect – to begin the vast journey ahead.

For those who have the right not to cast a vote, I’m not talking about a system where voting is compulsory.

I’m talking about the limited number of candidates that are paraded before us, as our only choice to rule our lives for the next unlimited number of years (let’s just forget real numbers for now).

Is it really democratic to have a system where two parties control the future forever? I don’t think so!

Of course it’s all dressed up as a grass roots movement; displaying themselves as ordinary, everyday, down to earth citizens who all have a say in the parties ultimate direction (some of them may actually believe that too), and making you believe they are your sort of people.

Well that’s just the start of the bullshit political parties want us to swallow. They will undoubtedly canvas in great detail the issues that will tug on your heart strings, and those that will give you an extra $2.00 in your pay packet, while conveniently neglecting to tell you about the planned legislation that will further restrict your rights, or cost you an extra $5.00 to pay for their investment in an electricity network that you have been paying for on every increasing electricity bill you receive.

They seem to forget very quickly that the money they are playing with is our money and not theirs. They do less work every year, and take more money for doing it, while people go hungry and start to live on the streets, they once dreamed of owning a home on.

I would challenge anyone, to take a good look inside any political party, and find democratic processes that actually work for the majority.

They don’t exist, and the only way you can make them exist is to close your eyes and ignore the back room deals (not that you can see them unless your inside the back room), intimidation, and blackmail working within the parties, to say the least.

As a society we are screwed at all levels, especially when it comes to elections, and the influence big business has been able to develop, and maintain over the years to make sure it’s as hard as possible to have a working democratic government.

Therefore, to even begin to pursue a new democratic social construct, we need to first begin to build a new framework by which to govern and interact with each other, or to not interact with each other – if that’s what you personally desire.

We need a little less personal regulation; we certainly don’t need to be restricted, as much as we currently are.

We need more freedom to be who we really are (that’ll weed out those total jerks), and possibly some basic rules of engagement.

We may even need a judicial system, but we definitely do not need lawyers – unless the judiciary is as corrupt as the one we currently have.

I don’t know how many times I have heard people say they were innocent only to see them locked up, just to find out ten years later they actually were innocent. Oops! Our bad!

We need for corporations and governments to stop hiding the great ideas of our times that reduce the amount of capital expenditure our society is required to waste on products we are just going to waste anyway, like petrol and food (maybe we could waste a little less food and feed the world?).

It should be illegal, for these corporations and governments to hide away scientific discoveries that benefit society

It’s much more important to these greedy, power hungry leeches, and their bottom lines, to make sure we see nothing until the worlds oil and coal resources have been depleted.

We need all the inventions that would make petroleum products redundant, that have been snapped up by big oil companies, to find their way out of the closet, and let them minimise the industry that has actively assisted in the destruction of humanity since the start of the industrial revolution (maybe before but let’s just say it started there).

It’s socially backwards that you can invent a revolutionary product or process, only to have your intellectual property snapped up and hidden away, just so you can afford to keep researching.

It makes me wonder how many of our educational institutions are teaching only to sell their students intellectual endeavours (given that they own the IP of anything their students create while studying), just to grab a quick buck?

I know I had a drawing in grade two that went missing, and it was pretty good! What art collector has that stashed away? There were a few new basketballs in grade 3. Interesting!!

All governments should hang their heads in shame and stand aside, so that those of us with a social conscience can get it right for everyone and not just those who promise us a job at the end of our political careers. When did public service become the road to riches or has it always been that way?

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