Food!! Ketogenic? Paleo diet? Or Is There Another Option?

The world is running out of chocolate, and I don’t really care. I’m not a great fan of chocolate and never have been, but put a bowl of chocolates down in front of me and walk away, and you will probably return saying, “Dude where the hell did all the chocolate go”.

I’m one of those people that can easily avoid the sweet rush, and headache, that comes with eating too much chocolate, I just can’t help eating it, if I never paid for it.

Not really the point of this rant anyway. I have now twice watched the documentary ‘The Magic Pill’, and I believe what they are saying, and I have looked at the paleo diet as well.

The problem is, I think both the ketogenic, and Paleo diets go too far. I believe that we have been fed a load of BS as far as a low fat diet is concerned, but, I can’t believe that we should not eat grains, fruit or potatoes entirely.

‘The Magic Pill’ pushes a high fat low carb diet as does the paleo diet, however, they differ, in that the ketogenic diet says dairy is fine, paleo says no way!

Paleo says tubers are fine but no white potato, ketogenic says dump them all.

Both say no rice and a lot of other foods which I would think were ok in moderation.

The good ol’ white potato for example. I can understand from a scientific stance why they are bad.

If your starch intake is too high, the body transforms the starch into sugar, and if you don’t have a high energy lifestyle, the body then converts the excess sugar into fat.

That’s just basic science!!

I think the key here is moderation, with some exceptions, like vegetable oil and eww soy!

I don’t think we should be eating foods that have been grown in soil that was destroyed, and then chemically enhanced just to produce a crop.

I understand that some grain crops are pretty bad for this exact reason, but do they need to be?

What happened to the good science around crop rotation? Where you grew corn one year, grow something else the next. Like potatoes 🤣

It’s not a disputed fact that the soil needs moisture to be getting down into it properly and these crops just don’t allow that to happen.

The growing methods are destructive and have nothing that nature once put there to allow root systems to develop and water to get into the soil.

The bottom line is, industrial style growing methods do not work hand in hand with nature because of the natural pets ( or pests even) that come along with it.

Maybe we should just stop expecting everything to look so damn perfect.

Maybe, we should get back to our own gardens, and/or, community gardens.

Industry could certainly push this ideology and bring community gardens into their supply chains. While maybe even, giving something back to the community. I know I’m lmao too!! Never happen. Giving something back😆😂🤣

If we had enough small crops however, that worked with nature, could there not be enough ‘chemical free’ grains to supply our country’s needs?

I honestly don’t know. How many grains do we need and how many can each home grow?

It’s a bit like, every god damn house having solar panels to reduce carbon. Would it work, stuffed if I know, but I do know someone will want to charge a fee to know how much you put in Vs how much you used! Bastards!!!

I would like to think that as a community we could all share the profits, and benefits of our labour, while doing the right thing by the land, but we are talking about humans right!

Personally, I’m taking vegetable oils out of my diet and increasing the fat and fresh vegetables I eat, but I’m also still going to have my potatoes and an apple pie now and then. I’m also going to have Apricot pie and maybe even blueberry, all topped with fresh high fat whipped cream.

Just for those who say but the pastry.. screw you, I will use organic flour!!!

What I’m not going to do, is be stupid and have too much of anything in one sitting.

I’m going to give my body as much as it can pass out of my system in an efficient manner, according to the amount of exercise I can achieve.

I may not be able to eat McDonalds, KFC or Dominos pizza, but I’m sure their are places out there, who, will not just use vegetable oils and junk ingredients, just to make a better profit margin! Although I may be dreaming, in which case they can all burn in hell!!

It would be interesting to know what others think, so if you read this, hit me with your best shot.

I will probably hit right back given, that I have an answer for almost everything, other than is there a God. 🧐 Nah I know that answer too. 🤪

2 thoughts on “Food!! Ketogenic? Paleo diet? Or Is There Another Option?

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  1. I tried keto last year…It felt too extreme for me, haha. Or could I just not handle giving up my beloved carbos? I know a big reason grain is so ‘bad’ is because of modern agriculture..I think we’re destroying the planet and need to take steps to protect it…like, our soil is such crap. what are we going to do about it? Gardening 101, you don’t plant the same crop in the same place as you did the previous year…but if you’re farming on a grand scale, what choice do you have, right? We have way more choice in our own gardens. I think community gardens would be awesome. My work has one. I joined the club last year. It’s super fun and gets ya outside of the damn building for an hour…

    As far as diet goes, I guess we gotta just keep it simple. Exercise, eat lots of veggies, avoid processed food…Anything beyond that seems to get too complicated and we all bicker about which diet is perfect. lol


    1. There simply is no perfect diet. It depends on the person, if you have a very active life your diet is going to be much different, or at least need to be much different than a person who didn’t move much at all. The doco ‘The Magic Pill’ made me cry. A happy tear however for those it helped, the problem is, it took those in the worst possible conditions, and you would not expect anything but great leaps forward. Is it sustainable tho? I really don’t know. I’m certainly taking some things from it and making changes, but I’m making them it a more central, broad based diet rather than swinging too far left or right of reality. I hope to have a garden eventually, I love science, and the opportunity to study it in my own backyard is a dream to begin. 🤔


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