God or Not God that is the question!

How we have misinterpreted the term God! A term that was created, in a time when the only thing that mattered on the earth, was power.

It was around long before the son of God as we know him. It was used for centuries to give power to the elite and raise fear amongst the poor.

If you look back through history, the term ‘God’ was used by every powerful society to control its population, and if you think Jesus was the first earth bound child of a God, then you’re mistaken.

In the scriptures we accept today, we were created in the image of God. I believe this to be incorrect, and literally backwards. In my world God was created in our image!

The power of God lays within each of us, we are the Gods, the Gods of our own destiny. We have the power to shape society into anything we want it to be.

Again, if you look through history you will see, by creating a God or Gods, it takes individual power away, or at least places limits upon it, allowing the social elite, Governments, corporations, and churches ultimate control, regardless of your religious beliefs.

In Ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, the Incan society’s etc.. they all had that one thing in common, they had Gods, not the God, not one God, but many Gods that were used to instill fear and control their people.

If you look at Germany during the Second World War, you would certainly say it was a godless country, the same can be said for many countries throughout time where the people were marginalised and corrupted, and the individual Gods were suppressed.

Of course the populous of the time, as would be the case today, trusted that an all powerful God would guide and protect them, yet so many perished with prayers on their lips.

Had such a powerful being just rejected them, or was he never there as they imagined?

Wait! I’m forgetting he works in mysterious ways right?

In modern day society, God is used in so many ways as a method of control, and justification.

The America dollar says “In God We Trust” trust for what? To not send you to hell for your greed?

It’s common to hear a politician say “May God Bless Our Troops” – really?

That’s the same shit every ancient control freak said about his troops, as they moved to rape, pillage and plunder another country or kingdom in a bid to expand, to have greater control.

The only difference between armies of the past, and today’s military, are the weapons they carry and the numbers they kill.

They still rape and pillage, only today they occasionally get caught and are held to account.

War crimes are certainly not an invention of modern society, we just call them crimes now, yet they continue to occur.

You can draw many parallels between history and modern society. The only reason we can actually survive, in most countries, is that at one time, some smart dudes realised that man was inherently evil – so they decided to put rules in place to limit or control those that would perpetuate evil acts. Did it work?

Still today God is used as a control, as a power play to maintain a narrative that is as old as the hills and to allow the most corrupt to thrive.

They say religion and politics do not mix, and they are correct. But if you bother to take notice, religion is so ingrained into our so called democratic system, that it makes no difference that the church, all churches, are actually representative of the minority, not the majority, of the worlds population.

There may well come a time when as humans, we understand who we are, what we are, and where we come from. We are in fact nature personified. Carbon, water, and electricity.

It’s my belief, and I do not take away anyone else’s right to believe whatever they like, but it is my belief that our subconscious mind is the key to everything. We are connected not only by the internet, but by an electrical current that binds us and gives us the power of one.

It is said that matter can neither be created and nor can it be destroyed, and in our death I hold this to be true.

The electrical current within all living things, is the key to where our souls go after our body’s have run out of time. It is the light that we see as we move from one plane to another.

I call it the ‘well of souls’, you may well call it heaven! It is the source of both evil and good, it will exist, and continue to provide souls for new life until the earth itself has run out of time. What happens then? Who knows, but we are certainly getting closer to finding out.

There is only one thing I know for sure, government structures of the past had no fear of the people because they controlled the Gods.

Governments in modern day society only partially control the God narrative, and know that to push the people too far or too hard, will ultimately result in an uprising, where we the Gods of this planet combine, and our power is without limitations when we stand as one.

They fear that which they can not control, so they use money, and resources to control us, rather than the fear of God.

May peace be with you and may one day, more of the worlds population lives in happiness, without hunger, without fear, and realise that they have the power, and the right to create, and enjoy a better life, rather than the minority that do today. 😌

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