Random memory of an email scammer

Do you know how it is to always question yourself? Ask why you did something or tell yourself you will never do it again?

I’m sure everyone has at some point. The real question is, did you listen?

It really is in the nature of humans to question themselves more than they question others, and I’m wondering why!

Are we really that insecure with who we are, or is there something much bigger at play. I think that trust plays a big part in the equation. It’s much easier for the average person to trust someone else, especially if it’s an area that your not familiar with.

Maybe this is why so many are caught off guard when it comes to internet scams. Seriously, I get the emails just like everyone else and I wonder, are the scammers complete idiots to think that anyone would fall for this rubbish, or are those who do just plain stupid.

It beggars belief that anyone could believe that a dude in Nigeria has just died and his widow or crooked lawyer needs someone to help them get money out of the country, while being willing to give them a couple of million dollars to do it.

Bonus hey? and all you have to do is send them all your personal details so they can make it happen.

I played the game once just out of interest, I had a bank account with nothing in it, I literally had nothing to loose other than my name and fake date of birth!

I had been following the Nigerian email scams for awhile, so I knew there was not going to be any money being transferred into my account, and I knew that eventually there was going to be a fee to be paid that they just couldn’t do because they were being watched or some other lame reason.

So off I went, I replied with the urgency that was required, and the willingness to make sure the crooked Nigerian Government never got their hands on a dime. I must have sounded super excited because in less than an hour I received a reply.

Thank you it said, I knew you would be the one to help me. I laughed as I sent my details through.

I was a little stressed when I never received an immediate reply this time. Instead they waited three days, probably to make it look like the wheels turned slowly in Nigeria.

Their reply did arrive thou! and to my surprise there was a problem. I had to fly to Amsterdam to pay a fee at a clearing house and to pick up a bank cheque or check if your American.

This was an interesting twist I must say, so I shot an email off to advise them that I was 100% willing to fly to Amsterdam but would require my ticket to be business class as I had long legs!!

In less than an hour it was made clear to me that I had to buy my own ticket. Well that wasn’t really fair, I was the one doing all the extra long leg work.

They had already sent me the name of the clearing house and I had done my due diligence and googled the hell out of that information. It really existed, and was also mentioned in a couple of cases where people had actually flown to Amsterdam only to be beaten up, their money and anything else they had stolen, and stranded.

I could not believe that anyone had been so gullible, seriously!

So I shot off another email stating that I would need a few days to raise some funds for my ticket and to get the $4000 US dollars together. Of course I had my fake passport but I would need to get a visa to travel.

They were ecstatic, they had me on the hook for sure, and were going to be able to sucker this fool out of his money 😛 .

I never replied until they sent another email about two weeks later, “please sir, have you been able to secure your visa and the fee that needs to be paid?” Well of course I have, they are in my safe with my golden goose and magic beans I had stolen from jack I thought.

I shot off a reply advising that my visa had just been approved, and I was ready to book a ticket as soon I was sure they were ready for me.

“Fantastic” they replied with a lot of enthusiastic rhetoric advising that they would make the transfer to Amsterdam that very day and send me the required paperwork for the clearing house.

I replied joyously, telling them how happy I was that I would not only be making a lot of money, but providing a great service in helping them deprive a crooked government of money that was never theirs.

The next day I received an email with the worst looking attached documents you could ever imagine, but not to be deterred I replied within hours advising the flight I was booked on and it’s ETA.

Again they replied with joy, assuring me that I would be met at the airport, I was to look for a man and a woman holding a sign with my name.

Excellent I replied, knowing full well that I would not be flying anywhere. and so I waited.

The day of my arrival passed and that evening I received an email asking if there was a problem? Yes yes I replied, I have been detained in Singapore due to an issue with my visa but expected to be back on track the next day.

“Please advise us when you will arrive” along with how urgent it was that this money be moved ASAP.

I emailed again the next day, “I apologise, the problem has been fixed and I shall land at Schiphol Airport at 11pm”.

Their reply was less than joyous, “Thank you we shall have someone pick you up from the Airport. Please let us know if any further delays so they are not waiting”

At this point I had played enough, I was not going to get much more joy from stringing these criminals along. Obviously my plane landed, I was not onboard!

I received no further emails from them, but have had many similar to the first I received, again, I can not believe how anyone can get caught with this type of scam. It’s just too obvious that nobody in their right mind would think that they could get away with it.

Even if it was legitimate, any deposit to an account over $10,000 is reported to the government. How could you not get caught?

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