It’s A Hell Of A Place

If you believe there is a Hell, I would suggest that you should also believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa clause.

Hell is just part of the God construct, a fear mechanism to try and make humans do the right thing.

It’s testament to how poor we are as a life form, that we need to create these constructs to maintain control, and they do not work!

While it would be nice to think that those who hurt me and have passed away, went to hell, I can’t, because I know I’m my heart it’s not true.

I also know that they will return, they will still be dark souls, and all I can hope is that they will never be in positions to hurt others again.

While I truly respect those who have faith in one God, and believe he cast his favourite angel from heaven to rule over the underworld, it holds no semblance of truth for me.

While America, The Catholic Church hide the truths of the world of science and religion, I can never give credence to their views.

I would truly love to believe that evil is contained once it has passed on, however, there are known cases of reincarnation, of soldiers who died in battle being known by their new child host. It may well be that the innocence of a child can much more readily connect with their past life?

Our souls are precious, strong, and indestructible vessels that carry information from the dawn of time.

Most people would never know who they were in a previous life, but the information carried on may provide subconscious guidance right throughout their life.

Unfortunately, the information of those who have strayed from the kind and loving path that we would all like to be on, may only allow them to be more evil in the next life. I won’t say that this is always going to be true. I don’t believe there is no chance of change, or redemption if you like.

It’s entirely possible that the evil perpetrated in one life becomes a conduit for good in the next.

I can only hope that this is a truth that could be a reality, for if it’s not, I fear there is little hope for the future of our beautiful world.

Right now in 2018, the world is in the grip of more corruption than ever seen before. It’s as if more dark souls from the past have been returned at the same time, or more good souls have been corrupted.

That’s not to say that there are no beautiful souls on or planet, it’s just that there seems an imbalance in the power positions of life, and society in general.

It’s also possible that beautiful souls of the past, corrupted today, will ultimately become dark until the world comes to a point where we see one of the most destructive periods ever known to man.

I don’t profess to know everything, I have my beliefs, and I have the same knowledge that everyone else has.

I see the changes in weapons of mass destruction, the greed that surrounds us within governments and corporations, the willingness of world leaders to watch millions die of illness and hunger.

I see all this and combine it with the evil that has touched my life and I wonder.

I will not hold up a sign that says the end is nigh, what I will do is be the best person I can be as an individual, in an attempt to balance the evil we see in our society. It’s truely all any of us can do.

Peace be with us all, may our future be filled with beautiful souls.

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