A Natural War

It is not a life long struggle, but, a life long commitment to expose evil, providing us with the knowledge that good not only exists, but can also prevail everyday.

It is only our belief in each other, our commitment to each other, which allows us to find the balance we require.

We rightly despair in the pain of others, for it is that pain and despair, which provides us with the power to recognise and defeat evil.

Individuals should judge themselves first, then, they should stand with their neighbour, be vigilant, and deny evil the footing it grants itself to walk beside us unseen until as a deceiver, it is exposed.

So it is that each of us knows who we are. If you have judged yourself a good person, let your focus not be on yourself, look outward, feel the pain of others, and defeat evil by standing as one, even when you are alone.

This war will never be over, evil will always exist, but together, we can create a better and brighter future for good, and force evil back into the darkness and loneliness where it belongs.

When you recognise evil in any form, do not take revenge, do not allow it to deliver guilt upon you, rather, expose it to the world and rejoice in its loss and the worlds gain against it.

Good people will never truly stand alone, I stand with you for eternity.

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