i’m just a person with issues like everyone else.

I believe that everyone has the right to voice their opinion, however, if your opinion is racist or hateful in an attempt to hurt or destroy, you should keep it in your head and seek medical advice! You can have an opinion without being mean spirited or destructive, a concept some people just can’t seem to grasp..

The fact that I may not agree with something you say, does not mean that I will disagree with everything you say, and I will always support your right to speak. my opinions are just that mine.

I will express them with total honesty. No political party or organisation will ever be permitted to mute me to benefit a political agenda that I disagree with. I will not lie for any cause even to my own detriment, take me as I am or leave me alone.

That is me in a very small nutshell, it’s how I see myself anyway, you may not agree but that’s fine at the end of the day life is a journey of discovery I just hope I discover I’m exactly who I want to be, a good person.

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