Karasian tax policy’s like the real thing only different.

I have often wondered about our tax system jumped onto the tax office website and gone shit this is too hard you can just work this out in your head.

As it turns out this seems to be the same approach our government takes when they make decisions about taxation and then leave it up to some dude at the tax office to slide it in with all the other stuff on their website eliminating anything that might be seen as conflicting with the new.

So when it comes to giving tax cuts it’s even easier the dude at the tax office just needs to change a few numbers and it’s a done deal apparently. Well that’s the way it worked in my head anyway.

I took notice that the Americans had given a tax cut to their companies from some number to another and I said to myself what would our government do.

It was then I thought omg they would just do the same and so I quickly negotiated a new company tax rate in my head which automatically reduced unemployment and brought the price of goods down for consumers. Genius!!

But I quickly realised that consumers Were not as smart as me so I would have to give them a tax cut too. Bugger!!

Then I remembered that just last year the government had increased taxes on something or other and with the drop in unemployment and the reduction in unemployment benefits there would be more money to spread around without touching the bottom line.

Not only that I may well get a few gifts from a the wealthy business owners to actually make this worth my while. No decelerations required In Karasia. Bonus!!

Ok a personal tax cut modest of course to go along with my company tax cuts would work in Karasia while totally explaining how the governments tax cuts were going to work in the real world. Bloody genius again!!

The dude at the tax office is going to be a bit pissed though. So I might have to give him a bonus or just transfer him to a better job once he’s finished. Perfect that will save my pork loins once I’m out of office.

So this is how it’s going to work.

The companies are going to pay less tax but they are going to hire more people to produce more stuff to sell. Obviously.

The people are going to buy more stuff because they all have jobs and are now getting to pay off their Amex card a little bit at a time.

Hopefully they are buying electronics (note: dinner with JB hifi dude) which all have lots of GST on them.

Then the added bonus: consumption of electricity will rise which the government get a chunk of GST from.

Shouldn’t forget that poles and wire charge it’s a real money spinner.

So god damn the money is now rolling in like it has never rolled in before. Woohoo!

It’s a shame that the states sold off their electricity grids or they wouldn’t be expecting a greater share of the GST and the government would be able to afford to give hard thinking politicians a pay rise without the people whinging about it.

Might have to sneak that in at Xmas when their all busy.

All in all I think this trickling down tax thingamajig is going pretty well so far and the people should be pretty quiet. It’s going to take weeks for them to join those dots.

if I can only find a way to get the supermarkets to stop raising prices and screwing with the consumer price index.

I know Just a hint of a royal commission into price gauging should see more two for one deals popping up. Too expensive to actually do it so a hint here a hint there. Yep that’s gonna work.

Of course inflation is going to be out of control but only the rich smart people look at those numbers and even they don’t understand what the hell they are looking at.

Now I just have to find someone to blame if it all screws up. Ah that can wait I’m gonna be pissed with someone at the time it can just be them. Genius!!

Education Money And The New World Order

While the term New World Order has often been used with negative connotations, and used to deliver conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory, it is the positive values and possibilities that really need to be delivered.

A New World Order does not mean loosing all the good that has been created. It in fact means the complete opposite if the idea is developed in a constructive way with all the negative variables removed from society.

Education should not be dependent on a financial structure that holds the individual back simply because a particular school could no afford to fully develop a program due to government funding or social financial disparities.

All schools should and would be able to deliver programs to they fullest potential and engage students and teachers to deliver peak outcomes.

In a New World Order educators would not walk away from their profession simply because they were tied to poor outcomes due to both time and funding restrictions.

Students would not be passed through the education system without a complete understanding of their chosen subjects and tied to an outdated school system dictated by time restrictions.

There is no point and no reason to struggle through a school system only to come out at the other end without the basic ability to read and write, in-fact there is no reason to progress through a system arriving at a destination where you do not have a clear and enjoyable future in a field you completely understand.

The jobs of the future should not be just to struggle to own your own home, or buy your first car, they should not be staffed by people who took the job just because it payed enough to survive, or because they could tolerate it long enough to become financially independent in a stressful society.

They should be a positive experience that you enjoy and derive some personal satisfaction from.

They should be life experiences where you feel proud to be able to help others get enjoyment out of their lives, be it the beginning or the end, because thats just what we should do, especially after spending so many years learning how to do it.

They should be a positive benefit to our society with our social construct removing all the worlds negative energy from a place of dominance within our communities, to a place of non-existence.

The workforce of the future needs to be independent of financial reward as its reason for being and totally dependent on personal satisfaction as its ultimate reward.

Education is a key area of reform to deliver this within a New World Order and with this will come the removal of the “need” for material goods, as everything required should be available to everyone as and when it is needed, without the negative stress and undue pressures placed on an individual to have them.

You may read this and believe this is completely unrealistic, and it may be in todays society.

It’s unrealistic only because, none of us have lived in a society without being told what to do, when to do it, and how much it is going to cost to either do it of have it done.

As a result of this we live in a world where the person who tells us what to do, usually gets the credit for everything we do, and is paid ten times more just because we did it well.

If this is our idea of the perfect society, if the education we receive was not rushed, or poorly delivered because, funding was either not available or was not a priority in the time that you were educated.

Then we need to stop and think. Ask ourselves, could i we have been happier in society, if the system was the best it could be rather than the best it could be as cheaply as it could be.

While the focus here is education, the sub text is everything else but primarily Money, which has lead us to the reduction of everything we should be enjoying within society, to just what we can afford.

A finance driven society is a negative society, money creates most of the crime within our community and is the cause of more unhappiness than it could ever fix.

If we allow governments to continually attempt to be fix social issues with money, we are just continue to play into the hands of the wealthy elite, who strive to keep the majority of the world as slaves, producing more slaves, for a world that is here only to cater for the minority.

When, we have finally as a society finished laying the blame on the poor, who would not, or could not achieve a middle class existence, labelling them as a drain on our society, money will no longer be an issue because we will not be here to enjoy its chaos.

Change is obviously needed, just as it was needed last year and every year since cash was created.

Moving away from a system that has failed us more than once, and will continue to fail, until the planet fails us all, just as we are failing it, would probably be the smartest move society has ever made.

No society should need to be dependent on a financial system designed only to benefit the wealthy. No society in 2018 should still be described as developing, simply by having developing societies in 2018 should be screaming out that we have a broken system which has been broken since conception.

If you care, speak out now. Speak out for your children, your grand children. Speak out for the world that has struggled, just to get us to a point where we are intelligent enough to understand and correct our mistakes before its too late.

Speak out for a New World Order that changes the world for the good of all not just enslaves it even more, as the wealthy elite attempt to control the uncontrollable- reality!

Borders! Who needs them?

In the world as we know it today, we are restricted by poorly constructed imaginary standards that trap us and control our habits and movements.

Borders are one of these constructs that restrict our movement, while giving the falsely constructed premise of ownership and belonging.

In reality this removes our ability to self control, and move freely within lands which have since the beginning of time belonged to all mankind.

Borders allow the elite within society, to create division amongst the populous and divide, through ownership creating a class system, designed to maintain a lower class within society.

The middle classes, are primarily used as control agents, while being given the false hope of advancement, so as to maintain a workflow consistent with providing the top 5% of the worlds population, with enough growth to maintain superiority.

Advancement within the classes is an illusion, to maintain order, with a monetary system, designed to fail, whenever the glass ceiling has been broken, and classes begin to merge.

This social construct has been in place since the first borders were drawn, and ownership was claimed by the social elite, prior to most lands being discovered and their peoples enslaved.

Previously, the knowledge base of mankind was too low to consider a OneWorld social structure and was well on the way to becoming a tribal, feudal system, with borders being enforced by natural landscapes, providing benefit to the stronger societies ultimately leading to the first of many alliances required to survive.

Thus placing society on its original path towards the ultimate downfall and the social constructs of today.

In the New World Order borders will disappear with the freedom of movement restored and the restoration of nature through the complete sharing of natural and man made resources producing less waste, delivering the planet with a long needed respite from mans greed.

Society, has for many years, been at the point where we had the knowledge and the ability to exploit our planet for good, without exploiting each other, creating equality and dismissing the concepts of sex and race.

The de-establishment of wealth and privilege one key factor in creating a new world order where we can all live in peace and begin to develop the understanding of shared goals.

It is to our detriment, that in the current social climate and construct, that those who would believe they stand to loose the most from a one world system, obscure its benefits and true meaning, with the false promises of a better life under the current restrictive system, that will eventually cause the destruction of everything we have grown to consider positive about ourselves.

If a One World system is to ever be developed, it is up-to the majority to believe freedom and peace are not only possible, but the most desirable outcome for the future of us all.

Can the world change direction?

The concept of good and evil are archaic principles used in society over thousands of years to provide a standard of behaviour.

Good and evil, good and bad, right and wrong are all the same construct. The construct changes with the social context.

Religion introduced the concept of good and evil while society adopted good and bad removing the religious element for a much softer and broader use.

Right and wrong a stronger social legalised version creates a variation that removes itself from the religious connotations, a virtual separation of church snd state.

Over the years the use of all three have remained strong within their respective areas with lines becoming blurred as religion attempts to reassert itself into society in an attempt to establish greater control. This can be seen in all religions but, strongest within the catholic and radical muslin sects.

In the New World Order only right and wrong is important while religion pales into the background of society as people begin to redefine their definition of God as one within themselves, and the rule of law is administered in a much more simplistic fashion as society changes with the abolition of wealth and the need for self glorification through the creation of wealth by exploitation of others.

In The Beginning…

In the beginning there was nothing. Or was there?
Of course if you believe god is great and controls everything, but has still given man
Or woman, the ability of free will, then it’s correct there was nothing.

The real question is why didn’t God stop for a minute and fix all that he had left broken?
As you may have assumed I don’t believe in a single God, and for those that do, that’s fine
whatever gives you a good nights sleep and as long as you don’t try to make out I’m a bad person because I don’t believe what you do, then I’m all for you having the right to believe.

One thing that you should not assume, is that I know nothing about your religion, I believe that the bible is and will always be one of the greatest works of fiction ever written. I don’t say that none of the people in it never existed, but. What I do say is that the stories are just that, stories passed down from generation to generation, written by one person only to be modified by another.

In this day and age we should understand that the people that existed 2000 years ago are nothing like we are for the most part. Their lives were dictated by superstition and fear of the unknown, so when something they could not explain occurred, they never had the tools or the mental capacity to reason it out to a reasonable conclusion.

In fact, even I can only make assumptions based on what I know about history, what has Been written by other people, people I didn’t know. What I do know for a fact is that in ancient times the world was not a democracy and religion was at war with both those that ruled and themselves. So much that was written by different sects within the church were destroyed and those who wrote it murdered in the name of god.

So what is the truth? Did the church destroy that which cast doubt on some areas of belief? Or was religion hijacked by “political parties” or was it just simply a way for the powerful to hold onto power. Who is controlling who,what and where?

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